Fellow Perspective: Michael Marley

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Para Physics and Para physiology. Para Kinetics, Tele kinesis, hydro kinesis, aero kinesis, Para psychology, Magika, and more. A School for the gifted. (Somewhere I belong.)

Somewhere I Belong Developing the roles and developing curriculum.

These sections are an ongoing project. I am seeking Volunteers. You will be given web accees to work from home, phone, or laptop remotely and on the road, and will be required to develop and communicate with other persons involved online. Professor and University Development (Volunteer Team)
  • I am currently learning the streets in the territory of the south. I am recruiting perons capable of Magika, or with the talents of spirit communication, and other special self described talents. It is not the opinion of this arkist, that we purge the humans of these talents.
  • I have a the Second RULE Sciences presentation on planet earth tomorrow at 4PM! You can learn more at theoryofrelativity.net/contact
  • Recruiter Warning: Take this seriously, "Achieving this education, I can only walk away, if it is from this flesh of mine."

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Song titled Magika written by Two Steps from Hell. This music was selected because it references Magika.

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Ask an expert, I am not a sales associate, I am an aspiring professor at UoA, Text me at 386-872-8343. If you were given a note with your talent from a recruiter, we are seeking persons to aspire the magical arts of the talent you posess. Persons who are invited require no tuition be paid. If you were recruited by the super natural, you will need to indicate where and describe your talent whilst the spirit attempted to teach you.